Elizabeth Turunen — Art Director/Founder based in Green Bay, WI

Textile Design

Baby Blanket Pattern

Baby Bedding Set Quilt

Baby Bedding Set

Halloween Cups

Princess & Frog Bedding

Juvenile Beach Towels

Teen Beach Towels

Adult Jacquard Beach Towels

Back to Campus Bedding

Back to Campus Bedding

Juvenile Bath Wrap Duck

Juvenile Bath Wrap Elf

Juvenile Bath Wrap Flower

Juvenile Bath Mits

Door Breeze Blockers Holiday

Halloween Kitchen Towels

Halloween Mug Set

Halloween Melamine Kid Plate Set

Halloween Eco Cup Line

Halloween Coir Mat

Valentine's Day Mugs

Toddler Treat Bags Halloween – Felt

Toddler Treat Bags Halloween – Felt

Holiday melamine plate set

Holiday Decorative Pillows

Reusable Seasonal Bags

Luxury Beach Towels